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marigold & grey lifestyle shoot



It’s one of those things every couple should, no, MUST, talk about before marriage. Like, call off the wedding kind of deal breaker if you don’t get it straight. You know– home decor; especially around the holidays…

Okay okay so that might be overly dramatic, but I’m sure Jamie would be more than willing to give you her 2 cents on the subject. She is the owner of Marigold & Grey, a company which creates custom artisan welcome gifts for weddings, events, and more. So it’s no wonder that as a professional designer and stylist, Jamie has strong opinions about how her home is decorated. But uh oh, you guessed it. Her husband Jeff also has a strong, but opposite, opinion of his own.

Around Christmas time referring to outdoor Charlie Brown Christmas lights in the living room… (see here)

Jeff: “I love these festive lights! Doesn’t it just get you into the holiday spirit, honey??”

Jamie: *gives Jeff blank stare*

Meanwhile, she’s thinking to herself, “Hmm… how can I get my husband to take down those tacky lights as soon as possible??… hmm……… oh got it! If I tell him we’re going to do a neutral-themed in-home photo shoot, then he’ll HAVE to agree to it!”

Before you know it, I’m at their house with my camera and, BAM. An entire wall of Charlie Brown Christmas lights, GONE. At this point I’m feeling guilty for playing a hand in the taking down of the lights, but I remind myself that Jeff was really doing it out of his love for Jamie. Phew, guilt lifted.


After we solved the dilemma of the Christmas lights, Jamie had the pleasure of getting her makeup professionally done by the fabulous Makeup by Kevan. Not an everyday occurrence at Marigold & Grey, but today was a special exception. What’s more, Jeff also took the extra step to ensure his own camera readiness πŸ™‚

Yes, lifestyle shoots should ideally be as close to natural as possible, but to get the most aesthetically pleasing images, we needed to bring in some elements of styling of course!

Β mgblog 1

With the makeup all done, we pulled together some effortless outfits from their closet. Jamie then styled a tray of snacks and flowers to add just a touch of embellishment to their beautiful bedroom. We also removed any elements from the room that would appear too distracting in the photos.

mgblog 2

mgblog 3

mgblog 7

Here comes the really fun part πŸ™‚ Now Jamie and Jeff had to proceed with their normal routine of reading business books together and lounging around. Except they had to do it with me sticking a big ‘ole camera in their faces and telling them to “move here… no,actually, move there…” You get the idea.

mgblog 4

mgblog 5

mgblog 6

Technicalities aside, their chemistry was undeniable and it definitely shows through in the images. Oh sweet married life. Pretty much any mundane activity can be enjoyable when you’re with the right person πŸ™‚

mgblog 10

The hands say it all. Jamie owns a gifting company. Jeff owns an IT consulting company. Polar opposites in the industry! But, they still have the advantage of helping each other out with the business side of things. I was super impressed when they did a business brainstorming session for their 2016 goals right in front of my eyes. During this session, they were truly immersed in what they were doing. They had such flow and rhythm and did they ever whip up a brainstorm πŸ˜‰

mgblog 9

mgblog 11
mgblog 41

mgblog 40

mgblog 8

All that thinking sure does use up a lot of brain power. Time for a snack…

mgblog 43
…and phone time…mgblog 42

mgblog 13

… and selfies!!

mgblog 44

Β mgblog 19

While Jeff was taking a well deserved break, I got to take a closer look at Jamie’s gift assembling process.

mgblog 14

Β Let me tell you, there’s so much more to it than putting a couple of nice things in a box. I honestly wasn’t prepared for the hours it would take to get just a few of these styled prop shots, but oh was it worth the time. Jamie’s attention to detail and persistence to get the absolute best result is truly inspiring!

Β mgblog 45

mgblog 17
Styling away to perfection!

mgblog 16

mgblog 46

mgblog 20

mgblog 22

mgblog 21

Β mgblog 23

mgblog 24

mgblog 25

mgblog 26
For the grand finale, we had none other than the one and only Mr. Marigold & Grey make a reappearance to lend a helping hand.

mgblog 30

To say that he was jumping for joy at this opportunity would be exaggerating… but, we just couldn’t downplay his huge role in the day to day operations of Marigold & Grey. From moving heavy furniture all the way to making lighthearted jokes, he does all that he can to support Jamie and her business.

mgblog 31

mgblog 32

They don’t always see eye to eye on things, as is true with any couple, but they remind themselves of how much fuller their lives are together rather than apart. For Jamie, Jeff is the rock she can count on to tell her what she needs to hear. No guessing games required. For Jeff, Jamie shares his strong sense of family and helps make him softer around the edges. Perhaps even more creative? πŸ˜‰


mgblog 36

mgblog 34

With warm thoughts in mind, they wrapped themselves up in a knit blanket that Jamie’s grandmother wore on her wedding day. Sparkling waters in hand, they toasted to an even more sparkling new year. Cheers to the new year and even more wonderful things to come in the life they will continue to build. Together. As husband and wife.

marigold grey lifestyle shoot

Now let’s think about next year’s holiday setup… πŸ˜‰



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